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Questions about John’s Teaching Seminars

Q: Why attend the seminar?

  • Did you know that God doesn’t always heal people instantly? The seminar will teach you the different ways that God heals.
  • Do you know what the blockages are to receiving healing? The seminar will teach you what the main barriers are and how to deal with them.
  • Did you know that people can lose their healing? Come to the seminar and learn how to keep your healing.
  • Do you know how to pray for the sick? Come and learn how, and receive impartation of the healing gift from John.

Q: Who should attend?

Ministers, church leaders, prayer teams, those who want to learn more about healing, those who are seeking healing and those who would like to pray for the sick, as well as the curious and sceptics, will all be enriched and encouraged by John’s teaching and ministry.

Q: What to bring?

Bring a pen and paper for note taking. Refreshments will be provided by the hosting church.