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Questions about seeing John

Q: What happens in a healing meeting?

Healing Meetings begin with a time of singing praise and worship songs.  The pastor of the hosting church then gives a welcome, makes announcements and if it’s a Sunday takes up the church tithes and offerings.  John then delivers a message on healing from the Bible.  He then prays for the sick.  At first he prays for one person at a time and he teaches and encourages the congregation as he does so.  After a period of praying in this manner, he then often prays over the congregation, as we see many people healed in their seats.  A salvation call is then given for anyone who hasn’t opened their life to Jesus before and would like to.  A free will Love Offering is taken up for the Ministry – we are a Faith Ministry – which means that we don’t receive a salary from anywhere but our meetings.  The meeting is then dismissed, so that people who need to leave are free to go, but anyone else who would like prayer is free to come to the front and be prayed for.

Q: Do we need to book or just turn up at a meeting?

There is no need to book to come to a Healing Meeting, you are most welcome to just turn up (and bring your friends!).

Usually there is no need to book to attend a Healing Seminar, but please check details on our website itinerary as some churches do ask that you book so that they have an idea of numbers for seating and catering.

Q: Does it cost anything to come to a meeting?

All Healing Meetings are free to attend, though a free will Love Offering is taken to support our ministry.

We charge a small amount to attend our Healing Seminars, which usually run for 4+ hours.  The fee amount is payable at the door and details of the amount are on our itinerary.

Q: Does it cost anything to receive healing?

You cannot pay for your healing.  Healing is a free gift from God.  However, John and Julie’s ministry is a faith ministry and they depend on donations to continue their work, so you may wish to support them through free-will Love Offerings collected at their Healing Meetings, or via the Donation  tab on the front page of this site. Alternatively, you can buy one of their resources.

Q: Does John pray for the sick at all meetings or only sometimes?

John will always pray for as many sick as possible at Healing Meetings, if time will allow it. For example, some churches have two morning meetings with only a short time gap in between. When this happens, John is sometimes unable to spend much time praying for people directly after the first service, because the church needs to set up for the second service.

At Healing Seminars, where the focus is on teaching for 4+ hours, there is not time to pray for everyone, but John will demonstrate how to pray for the sick and pray for some people.

Q: Should I try to attend lots of meetings, or will one meeting be enough if I am in need of healing?

It is always beneficial to attend as many meetings as possible, as some healings may not happen instantly and some are a process. It is also beneficial to be in the atmosphere of faith to receive healing, as the Bible says that: ‘faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God’ Romans 10:17 (NKJV).

We have experienced many people being totally healed of chronic illnesses after a few meetings, though many are healed instantly.

Q: How can I see John if I can’t get to a meeting? Are there other alternatives to receive healing prayers?

We always encourage people to try to come to a meeting where there is an increased atmosphere of faith and expectation, and many people come from long distances, even from overseas, to attend our meetings.  However, if this is not possible, perhaps a friend could come to the meeting for you and ask John to pray with them. You can also send in your prayer request to us via the Contact  page.  Alternatively, there are many churches and ministries around the world that are praying for the sick in Jesus’ name and we encourage you to seek them out for hands on prayer.

Q: Can you help us with directions to the meetings?

Unfortunately, we can’t, as our support team is small and is unable to field that many enquiries. The best thing to do is either ring the church that is hosting the meeting, or search the internet for more details.