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Keys to Healing

Keys to Healing


A fresh look at opening the door to God’s healing power


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A fresh look at opening the door to God’s healing power


John Mellor spent many of his early years as a Christian with wrong concepts of healing that kept him from praying for the sick. He also thought that being a vessel for God’s healing power was something reserved only for famous healing evangelists. But God has taken him on an amazing journey, and since the year 2000 he has travelled almost continuously, seeing miracles and healings occur almost every day, in many countries of the world. He has been seen many times on both A Current Affair and Today Tonight [current affairs programs in Australia], where some of those who have been healed at his meetings have testified of God’s goodness and the difference He has made in their lives. During one of the more recent stories, even the reporter was amazed when John prayed for him and the pain from his longstanding neck complaint disappeared!


As John has walked this incredible journey with God, he has learnt that all believers can pray for the sick and see them healed. This book is an exploration of what God has taught him about His healing power. We hope it inspires you to both believe for healing in your own life and minister healing to those in need – wherever and whenever you find them!


Foreword by Paul Borg – former World Champion Blind Yachtsman, miraculously healed at a John Mellor meeting
Introduction by John Mellor


Part 1: Building a Foundation
Chapter 1: Does God Still Heal? 23
Chapter 2: The Power of the Cross of Christ 41
Chapter 3: Exposing Counterfeit Beliefs 59


Part 2: Keys to Receiving Healing
Chapter 4: How to be Healed 81
Chapter 5: God’s Natural Laws of Healing 105
Chapter 6: The Greatest Healing of All 113


Part 3: Keys to Ministering Healing
Chapter 7: Who Can Heal the Sick? 119
Chapter 8: Identifying Roots of Sickness 135
Chapter 9: Ways of Ministering Healing 147
Chapter 10: When Healing Doesn’t Happen 157
Chapter 11: Healing Mysteries 163
Chapter 12: Healing Evangelism 169


A Final Word
Chapter 13: The Source of All 177


References & End Notes 185 “Living with fibromyalgia is extremely painful… a nightmare for which the doctors really don’t have any answers. That was my life for 18 long months until John prayed for me one night. I left that meeting totally healed. John has not just been instrumental in my healing, he has also restored my faith to see others healed through the power of the Cross of Jesus Christ.”
Malin Boman (Brisbane, Australia)


“When the doctors told me Matthias would never walk, talk or feed himself – would basically never be able to do anything for himself – I felt as if my heart had been ripped out. Then in 2004, about two weeks after John prayed for Matthias, he just got up and started walking! He is now doing all the things they said he would never be capable of. This truly is a miracle from God and it has even made the media sit up and take notice! In 2005, Matthias and I were involved in a story about John Mellor shown on Today Tonight, where we testified to the goodness of our God!”
Ngahuia (Coolum, Australia)


“I was born with spina bifida and had been in constant pain for 35 years, until John Mellor prayed for me. Since then, the pain has gone completely from my legs and lower back. I feel I have grown taller and my family and friends have noticed that my walking is much better, my posture straighter, and my attitude to life has also changed. Not only did Jesus cure me from physical pain, but He also cured me mentally. I no longer feel as if I am an accident or see my life as worthless.”
Joanne Brincat (Melbourne, Australia)

Price: $20.00 + shipping calculated at checkout